Monday, April 15, 2013

Mobile Monday: Billion Graves

One of my favorite FREE genealogy apps for the iPhone is Billion Graves. (Also available for the android)
Here is the home screen. You can see how user friendly it is with only a few options.

If you click on 'take pictures' the app will bring up a camera.
If you select 'records' it will display any records that you have stored. I have none so I didn't bother with a screen shot.

If you choose 'Cemeteries', you will see all the cemeteries near you and you have the option to add one that isn't already loaded. In my area, I have about 6 pages of cemeteries. On those days that I am feeling adventurous, I will pull up a cemetery to visit, take pictures of headstones and upload them.

The Dashboard will tell you how many headstones you have uploaded, how many cemeteries you have visited using the app, and how many headstones you have transcribed.

This is a mobile app as well as a desktop application. I use my iPad or Macbook to transcribe headstones from
You can download it here on iTunes or here at the Android Market.

With each headstone we upload, we may be helping someone find a long lost relative.
Go give it a try!


  1. I like the ability to use my iPad or Android tablet to take pictures. Android tablet needs to have GPS capacity, but many do.

    If you're device isn't on the list and is GPS capable, contact support and they can let you know.

  2. Thanks Paul. It never occurred to me to use my iPad! I'll try that this week.